Stanford Alpha Phis may be some of the hardest working girls on campus, but we also like to play hard too. Between quarterly Special Dinners, Megaformals, and a packed social calendar with other fraternities, Alpha Phis are always out there having fun! Going out together is a way for sisters to spend time with each other as well as meet new people. Creatively themed events, like Special Disney, give sisters an excuse to bust out their rally and have a good time. 

Alpha Phi’s social calendar isn’t just limited to events on campus either! Every January we head to Tahoe to hit the slopes for a weekend. Spring quarter is also packed with great off campus events. Each year Alpha Phis look forward to rafting through the Staunislaus River rapids and heading up to San Francisco for our Spring Formal. 

But these events aren’t the only place you’ll find Alpha Phis socializing. We love to get ready together, go to football games and tailgates, and dance the night away every year at Dance Marathon. For Alpha Phis, life is truly "phi-nominal"